Maria Asuncion #152
La Manzanilla, Jalisco Mexico 48898
Telephone/Telephono : (315) 351-5167
Fax : (315) 351-5167




Nestled between the beautiful blue Pacific and lush jungle-covered mountains, La Manzanilla is home to discriminating persons from all over the world, including a lively mixture of artists, writers, and retirees. A tropical paradise blending old world-charm with modern conveniences, this tranquil fishing village offers something for everyone.

Our three-mile stretch of sun-swept beach caressed by gentle waves along the Bay of Tenacatita is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, surf fishing, and sunbathing. Some people prefer simply to sit back and enjoy the scenery from one of the many colorful palapa restaurants dotting the beach. The view of the bay and sunsets from the comfort of one’s ocean-view home is often photographed and always spectacular. Residents frequently are treated to the sight of dolphins or whales frolicking in our bay, as well as diving exhibitions by pelicans and other sea birds in search of fish. Other recreational pursuits include horseback riding, bird watching, hiking, cycling, and leisurely strolling through our picturesque village, or relaxing and people watching from our lovely jardin (plaza).

Although small, La Manzanilla has most of the necessities and a few surprises. We have a number of fine restaurants, several markets for fresh fruit and vegetables, butcher shops, fresh fish cooperative, clothing and souvenir boutiques, pharmacy, health center, and taxi and bus service. Residents also enjoy a used bookstore, Internet café, beauty salon and spa, and an internationally recognized art gallery. One of our most popular locations is the multicultural art center with classes in a variety of artistic media, Spanish and English classes, weekend movies, and exercises such as yoga and tai chi. While we don’t yet have a bank or ATM, post office, or gas station, they’re only 10 miles away in Melaque.

More important than the material aspects of La Manzanilla is the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation between the locals and members of the foreign community. Both work hand in hand to improve the quality of life for all residents. Some examples of that close interaction include: working to preserve our mangrove marsh and lagoon, an ecological reserve that’s home to several caimans and an array of tropical birds and plants; Cisco’s Amigos annual spay/neuter and animal health clinic; not-for-profit sales venues which donate proceeds to meet various financial needs throughout the community; and a number of other ongoing programs.


With fewer than 3,000 residents, crime is virtually nonexistent, as is traffic much of the time (except during one of our fiestas – most notably during the Christmas holidays, the rodeo during the first weekend of February, and Semana Santa, the week before Easter). Even after the shops and restaurants close at night, the streets are safe. The locals are very friendly and eager to please and, although Spanish is the primary language spoken here, most people find they can make themselves understood using a combination of the most basic Spanish and hand signals.

Often called the Jewel of the Costa Alegre (Happy Coast), La Manzanilla is within easy driving distance of major urban areas. Located the southwest corner of the State of Jalisco, at 19.2o latitude and 104.5o longitude, we’re approximately a three-hour drive from the Puerto Vallarta airport (PVR), less than an hour’s drive from the airport at Manzanillo (ZLO), and five hours from Guadalajara (GDL). We’re in the Central time zone, a little more than a mile west of Highway 200 near the 16 km marker.
We look forward to helping you find your personal piece of paradise in La Manzanilla!


Area Information - Melaque/San Patricio/Villa Obregon

The beach town most people refer to as Melaque is made up of three separate villages connected along the western curve of the Bahia de Navidad:  Melaque, San Patricio, and Villa Obregon.  Collectively they are home to approximately 9,000 residents, and attract hundreds more tourists during the winter season. 

Melaque, at the north end, is the primary business district. This is where you’ll find the Banamex branch and ATM, the bus station, casa de cambio, cyber-cafes, and the majority of restaurants and shops.   Herradura and Mercado Hawaii supermarkets and Piratas fresh fruit and vegetable market draw shoppers from throughout the Costa Alegre. 

San Patricio, the middle village, is more residential in nature.  Its tree-lined streets are sprinkled with small mom-and-pop grocery stores and other family owned businesses interspersed among modest homes.  The post office, gym, Centro Salud, and veterinarian are in this section.

Villa Obregon, the southernmost village closest to Barra de Navidad, is almost exclusively residential. While the other two villages are laid out in a grid, the streets in Obregon meander past stately homes and beautiful gardens hidden behind decoratively gated walls. 

All three villages are bordered by Highway 200 on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west.  Some of the land in the greater Melaque area already has been or is in the process of being privatized and can be purchased through a bank trust (fideicomiso).  The remainder is still under ejido governance.

The Melaque metropolitan area is located 30 minutes from the Manzanillo (ZLO) airport and three and a half to four hours from the airport at Puerto Vallarta (PVO), and is less than two hours from the port city of Manzanillo.